The Village of Hortonville is a vibrant community of 2,705 residents (2010 population census) located in southwestern Outagamie County, Wisconsin, an area known as the Fox Valley.  The Village is located at the intersection of State Highway 15 and County Highway M, 10 miles northwest of the City of Appleton.  Approximately 1 million people live and work within a 50 miles radius of the Village.  Green Bay is 43 miles to the northeast, Oshkosh 24 miles to the south and Fond du Lac 50 miles to the southeast.  The Village is the site of the only lake in the county – the 75 acre Black Otter Lake.



The Village of Hortonville Parks Department is currently reviewing our Parks and Rec Comprehensive Plan and we are asking for input from Village REsidents concerning the future of our parks planning.  We ask that you please take the time to complete a survey.  This will assist the Village in planning for the future.

Please click here to go to the survey.

Thank you!



 On October 9, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned an earlier 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision which had reinstated the photo ID law.  The law had been enjoined by the courts since March, 2012.

According to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.), the Supreme Court's order is not the final word on the legality of Wisconsin's voter photo ID law, but it does set the rules for the General Election in November.  The Supreme Court halted enforcement of the law for the time being to avoid voter conusion and because some voters had already been mailed absentee ballots without instructions on how to comply with the voter photo ID law.  The Supreme Court may decide to hear the case on its merits sometime after the November election.

Be Prepared

Click here to see information to be prepared in case the voter photo ID law is reinstated in the future.

 For specific qustions about voting, please contact my office at 920-779-6011 or come visit me at the Administration Offce in the Municipal Services Center at 531 N. Nash St.

Voters are also encouraged to visit the Wisconsin G.A.B. voter services website, for information about voting.



Come meet the Village of Hortonville and find out why we are a great place to call home for your business or residence.  We have recently greatly reduced our building permit fees and we are looking to help you fulfill your dreams of home or business ownership.  Come learn more about us.  We are the Village of Hortonville.

Click here to see a two minute video about Hortonville.

Residents and business owners - Watch the video, tell others you know about it, and let's get people excited about the possibilities abounding here in Hortonville!



 One year ago on August 7th the Village of Hortonville was struck by an EF 2 tornado.  The storm knocked out power and created a substantial amount of damage.  We will never forget the events leading up to this, the aftermath left behind, and the cleanup efforts that followed.  And as we look back, we are most thankful that no lives were lost.

Steps were taken to recoup costs.  We received $72,933.98 from the Wisconsin Disaster Fund.  In the last few weeks, new trees have been planted on East Main Street and in some of the parks.

Most notable in this incident was the overwhelming response from neighbors, friends, and volunteers, both in Hortonville and from surrounding communities.  Neighbors and complete strangers, working side by side, going from house to house to help out.  This spirit of cooperation and hard work was certainly one of the more powerful tools in the response and recovery effort.  Firefighters removed trees, cleared streets, and helped people in damaged homes.  Village staff took measures to ensure that infrastructure was working properly and that citizens were safe and informed of emergency measures as things unfolded in the days following this incident.

Today we are a stronger and more vibrant community because of your response efforts.  Thank you for your hard work, cooperation, patience, and trust, and may we be reminded of our cooperative efforts in what can be accomplished in our daily endeavors.

Andrew Gitter, Village President



The Village of Hortonville currently has an opening for a communications facility lease on our water tower at 521 W. Cedar St.  The site includes an existing fully powered and air conditioned communication shelter building, and associated conduits running to the base of the water tower.  Site availability date: April 3, 2014.



 The Village has again reduced single-family and two-family residential building permit fees for 2014 and extended the reduction through 2015.  Now is the time to build in Hortonville!

Single-Family permit fee     $749 plus $250 Builder's Escrow fee  [click here for informational flyer]
Two-Family permit fee        $1,005 plus $250 Builder's Escrow fee  [click here for informational flyer]

Read here for more information on multi-family construction fees.



The Village of Hortonville lost a great number of trees along Main Street, in our parks, and at many private residences during the storm on August 7, 2013.  The Village's Tree Board is currently working with tree experts to develop a plan for the replanting of our urban forest and the re-beautification of our home town.  The tree replacement program was started in the spring of 2014.  We would like to remind everyone about the Memorial Tree Program.  Please contact the Administration office at 779-6011 for more information.



See the Village Voice here for the current edition!

See news and info about dog licensing, the spring election, building permit fee reductions, coming events, Fox West Chamber news, and coming events.  Click on the link for the Village Voice in the list at the left of the screen to see all the pieces of the Village Voice.



Some residents have received a mailing recently offering water line insurance.

This insurance is offered by private insurance companies and is not offered or sponsored by the Village of Hortonville.  Insurance of this type is not mandated for your water lines.



The Veterans Memorial has really moved along!  The concrete walk is in and the memorial has been installed.  One stone benche has been purchased and will be installed.  You can purchase an engraved brick to honor your veterans or make a donation for the memorial or a bench.  Just click on Forms, Permits, Licenses in the left margin to be able to download a copy of the purchase form.

Calendar of Events

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