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Sample Ballot – Spring Election

There are 2 very important changes that you need to be aware of…..
1: We cannot accept ballots in our 2 drop boxes at this time. Ballots either MUST be returned by Mail, or Hand – Delivered.
2: If you are hand-delivering your ballot, you may only bring in YOUR ballot. We cannot accept multiple ballots, even if you live in the same residence as another voter. You will need to show proof of i.d. if you are hand – delivering your ballot.
Additional verbiage from the League of Wisconsin Municipalities has been included along with our attachments.
In person absentee voting begins next Tuesday, March 22.
From the League:
An elector must personally mail or deliver his or her own absentee ballot, except where the law explicitly authorizes an agent to act on an elector’s behalf.
The only lawful methods for casting an absentee ballot pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 6.87(4)(b)1 are for the elector to mail their ballot or deliver it in person to the clerk.
The use of drop boxes, as described in WEC’s 2020 guidance, is not permitted under Wisconsin law unless the drop box is staffed by the clerk and located at the clerk’s office or a properly designated alternative site under Wis. Stat. § 6.855.[i]
As always, please reach out to your local representative (Hortonville is in District 8 ) or the Wisconsin Elections Commission 608-266-8005 with additional questions, concerns or complaints.
Thank you!