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Municipal Court

Municipal Court Update - Posted 6/22/2020

Court is open as scheduled July 1, 2020 with a few restrictions.

  • Masks are required!  A brief health questionnaire must  be completed prior to entering the court room immediately before entering the court room.  Our courtroom will be set-up to maintain proper social distancing.


  • No payments will be allowed in person.  Any payments can be made electronically with a check or card via the online bill pay option on our Village website.  Or, payments can be made in our drop box and a receipt will be mailed at a later date.


  • All communication with the Judge/court staff will be made through a plexi-glass window.


  • If there is anyone who is immunocompromised or concerned about the in-person platform for court, they must contact the court prior to their scheduled court appearance to make other arrangements.  Reasonable accommodations will be made.


Please call or email any questions/concerns to the Court Clerk:

Phone:  920-779-9542


MUNICIPAL JUDGE                                        TERM 
NORBERT DALLMAN                                    4/30/2022

Municipal Court Contact: (920) 779-9542

Hortonville Municipal Court, conducts initial appearances the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM in the Community Center (Room on the left side of the Municipal Court office) 531 N. Nash St. Hortonville WI 54944.

Trial dates for 2019 are listed in the link above.  Trials are held as needed.

If you received a citation, the date of your initial appearance is listed on the upper left corner.

If you are unable to attend your court appearance or if you have any other questions, contact the court PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED APPEARANCE.