Otto Miller Park Invitation to Bid: May 11th, 2021   Invitation to Bid:   The Village of Hortonville has contracted BNH Lighting to design, develop and project manage the electrical work being done at Otto Miller Park located at 135 John St. Work will begin around August 1, 2021 through November 2021.   The Village of Hortonville invites you to bid the implementation of the electrical work. A mandatory walk through will be May 18th, 2021 at 8 am. Bids will be due to BNH Lighting by Noon on May 25th, 2021.   1.       Disconnecting, re-wiring, and relocating the 2- electrical panels on the exterior north wall of the concession stand building to the interior same wall they currently are mounted on. Use existing feeder wires. New feeder wires not needed. 2.       Install wire way junction box on the exterior wall to feed all the field lighting, 3- shed feeder wires, scoreboard power wires and sprinkler piping needed to be feed into the building. 3.       Install an approximate size of 3x3 junction box, 3 feet up on a pipe assemble, outside the fence next to the north shed. From that junction box, we will be wiring each scoreboard, the outfield light poles, the west green shed, along with the north shed. We will also be providing a spare 2 inch conduit at this location for future needs from the concession stand. 4.       Provide a 20 amp circuit to the north shed and hook up existing circuits. (Pending).. 5.       Provide a 100 amp service with an 8 circuit panel at the west green shed in a 2 inch conduit. Hook up current branch circuit wiring at the shed. 6.       Provide a 100 amp service with an 8 circuit panel at the west batting cage shed in a 2 inch conduit. Install breakers and wiring for batting cage machine and 1- receptacle circuit. 7.       Provide piping and wiring to each ball field light poles according to the new fixture specified wattage. Provide a junction disconnect box at each light pole with fuses and a receptacle on each of the 8 infield poles. 8.       Provide a 1 inch pipe for low voltage wiring at 4 infield poles. 9.       Provide galvanized 90 degree sweeps when any piping goes vertical from the ground. This will last forever and eliminate any wires burning through PVC when pulling wires. Install expansion sleeves for existing ground connections. 10.   Approximately 3,500 feet of PVC pipe, with connectors, budgeted to accommodate proper wire size. 11.   Provide ground wiring to ground rods at each light pole and proper grounding at each electrical panel.   Let me know if you will be attending the mandatory walk through by May 14th, 2021, noon.   If you have any question or concerns, please call me at 920-213-8693.   Sincerely,     Jeremy Bellile BNH Lighting, LLC 313 E. Main St. Hortonville, WI. 54944

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Refuse & Recycling


2021 Garbage-Recycling Schedule

Collection is curbside every Wednesday.  Do not put your garbage out before 4 P.M. on Tuesday but it must be out by 6 A.M. on Wednesday to assure it is picked up in case the drivers change their route.  Use the blue wheeled cart with a black lid from Harter's that was supplied for your residence.  Garbage placed in the cart should be bagged and tied.  Place the cart at the curb with the handle toward your residence and the lid closed.

Any item that does not fit inside the wheeled cart is considered a bulky or large item.
You may take these items to the Outagamie County Landfill and pay their fee or you may call Harter's at (888)804-8556  or (715)253-2619  to ask about pickup and pay their fee.
If you have any questions on what may be placed in the cart you should call Harter's.

No appliances, items with freon, carpeting, batteries (car, boat, tractor), other household batteries, hazardous waste, syringes and needles, tires, waste oil, home computers or components, TVs, DVD players, stereos, liquid paint, or ink jet cartridges are allowed.
Yard waste is not allowed in the regular weekly refuse pick up.  The Village offers curbside pick-up once in the Spring and one in the Fall.  Leaves, yard waste and brush can also be dropped off anytime at the compost site located outside the Wastewater Treatment Facility at 521 W. Cedar St.

RESIDENTIAL RECYCLING 2021 Garbage-Recycling Schedule

There is curbside pick up every two weeks on Wednesday.  Check your latest Village Voice for the schedule or call the Administration Office at 779-6011.  You can also see the schedule on the Calendar and under Public Works on the Refuse and Recycling Schedule tab.

How to place recycling at the curb?
Hortonville residents are required to provide the 95-gallon recycling cart provided for their use.  Please follow these guidelines:

  • Place all recyclable materials in your recycling cart. There is no need to separate paper from glass, aluminum, plastic and tin.
  • Do not place recyclables in plastic bags and do not place trash in your recycling cart.
  • All cardboard should be cut to no larger than 2 ft x 2 ft in size.
  • Shredded paper should be placed in a brown paper bag, stapled closed, labeled, and placed in your cart.
  • Keep your recycling cart at least 4 ft away from your trash container.  The best solution is to place your trash/garbage and recycling on opposite sides of your driveway.

What can I recycle and what cannot be recycled?
Click here to see the list from Outagamie County.

Go to for more information from Outagamie County.