Public Works/Utilities

Public Works & Utilities

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The Public Works Department exists to serve the residents in the Village of Hortonville by providing and maintaining the following public services with the help of the following providers:

Contacts/Phone Numbers

Public Works Department
Carl McCrary – Director
Phone # 920-779-6011
FAX # 920-779-6552
Email: dpw@vohortonville.com

Street Department
Rob Stiles, Streets
Phone # 920-779-4086

Jeff Sommer, Facilities
Phone # 920-779-4086

Chris Schultz, Parks
Phone # 920-779-4086

Water/Wastewater Treatment Department
Ryan St. John - Operator
Phone # 920-779-9207

Jesse Ziegler
Phone # 920-779-9207

Summer Recreation Program
Mike Sommers – Director
Phone # 920-779-4620